Depending on which country you’re ordering from, if you’re making a large order (more than 20 bottles), we recommend that you:

  • ship your order to more than one address; or
  • ship in separate packages over a few days

In either case, extra charges may apply. If required, contact us to make special arrangements for shipping.

For specific information on shipping to your region, see sections below:



  • We highly recommend using DHL or Aramex + USPS (receive within a week) as airmail takes up to a month, or more.


Africa & South America

  • No issues for registered airmail and express shipping, even for large orders provided the right documents.



  • Customs are strict, so for orders, non-nicotine based flavors are advised to reduce risks of items being confiscated / destroyed. 



  • No issues in most countries, except:
    • France: We no longer support Aramex express shipping to avoid TPD issues. Registered airmail and DHL would be the best option for bigger orders and safety. 
    • U.K. : No issues even with TPD.
    • GermanyWe only send via DHL due to customers' bad experience with airmail.
    • BelgiumCurrently not allowing e-liquids even without nicotine.
    • Italy: Usually 2-3 weeks, but occasionally takes up to 2 months. 10-20% chances of confiscation where we cannot offer a refund.



  • No issues for express shipping, except for these countries: 
    • Singapore: 100% success
    • Japan : 100% success
    • South Korea : 100% success
    • India : Customs may ask for documents. We can provide this.
    • Vietnam : 100% success
    • Philippines : 100% success



  • No issues for express shipping for NZ and Australia.

Gulf & Middle East

  • Bahrain & Kuwait: No issues with Aramex / DHL. Use your shop & ship account if you have one.
  • Saudi Arabia, UAE: Recommended shipping solution - Aramex (with changed description) - Use your shop & ship account if you have one.
  • Jordan : Use your shop & ship account only.


Note to international customers:

Even though we provide discreet shipping, do ensure that you understand your country's e-liquid customs laws before placing your order with us. We will not be held responsible for orders that have been seized by customs. If the order is returned to us, a refund of only the products will be given to the customer, unless in rare cases like missing/damaged shipments.

Your order might also be subject to import taxes and/or duty fees. We do not cover these charges, so be sure to factor them in when you place your order.